November 2017 News Update

Each Sunday we meet for worship at 10.45am. We have all-age worship for the first 30 minutes, then children and young people leave us for their own activities. Worship lasts up to 75 minutes and then we have refreshments in our lower hall.

Each day we commit ourselves to pray for Shipley Baptist Church and for our shared discipleship and for wider concerns in the world. Copies of the SBC Midday Prayer Card are always available in the worship room porch.

Upcoming Events

Every Monday and Friday10am-1pm - Cuppacare

Every Thursday - 1-3pm - Mums and Toddlers

  5 Nov - 10.45am - Morning Worship - Alex Jones, deacon and moderator of our church meetings, will be                                        preaching.The service will include communion.
               - 7.30pm  - Live at Costa

12 Nov - 10.45am - Remembrance Sunday  - with Ian Hemsworth preaching.

19 Nov - 10.45am - Morning Worship - with Martin Butterworth preaching. The service will include                                                  Communion

20 Nov - 2pm - Rendezvous 

26 Nov - 10.45am - Morning Worship - The Revd Roy Searle, Overseer of the Northumbria Community and                                        former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, will be preaching.
            - 6.30pm - Evening Worship - We will be joined by Shipley Christians Together for a 'Celtic Fire'                                            event, with members of the Northumbria Community, looking at the life of Saint Aidan.

We are a distribution point for the Bradford North Foodbank. If you have a foodbank voucher, duly authorised, you can visit us on a Monday or Thursday afternoon between 4.30 and 6.30pm